Indie Beacon! – March – 2014

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Indie Beacon! – March – 2014

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So I have decided to actually get more into the Indie games my fellow developers make! This is going to be a by-monthly article showcasing games I find or that are submitted by developers. This is not really to review the games, but more to shine light on games that I think really deserve it.

This issue’s games were just lucky enough to be the top three games in the GMC’s Windows Completed Games forum!

Jumpinguin – Muhammad Fihril Kamal

This is a great game! You are a penguin on some slippery ice, more ice falls toward you with gaps in it. ¬†You have to jump through the gaps to avoid getting squished! It’s a really simple concept, but it’s executed perfectly! The graphics are charming, and the game is really addictive.

Heart of Ruin – YAL

I have to admit, I didn’t play very far in to the story, but I enjoyed what I saw! The amazement starts with the art, the glorious pixel art! It’s well done, and fits the theme. The game itself has, what I assume is a rather heavy story, and well executed cutscenes. The sounds and music fit the game very well, and I will probably play it more later today!

Space Masters – Matthew Adamson

This game has potential, I played until I died. You are a space ship, armed with a laser to shoot asteroids. The mechanic is good on paper, but if the laser passes through an asteroid, it doesn’t get destroyed. It only destroys the ones you target directly. This is just a minor annoyance, I loved the game.


If you are the developer of one of these games and do not want this content here, contact me and I will resolve the issue.


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