GameMaker: Studio Standard is now Free!

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GameMaker: Studio Standard is now Free!

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Mr.James Foreman, the guy who does YoYo marketing I believe(on the GMC anyway), posted the following topic to the GMC today: GMC TOPIC.

In it he explains that Studio: Free has been replaced with a slightly edited version of Standard. This new free standard has no resource limits, but removes Mac exportation and induces a “Made with GameMaker: Studio” splash screen on app startup.

I have to admit, this is a bold move from YoYo! Mike Dailly posted a link to a YouTube video where he and Russel Kay explain how YYG started, as well as their roots in programming. Russel actually states in the video that GM:Free downloads are 3000+ a day, but that sales are significantly less than that.

The slight restrictions on standard do make people want to register(assuming paid standard still exists?), which will probably give them a small boost in sales, and good standing in the indie dev community for sure. GM is well know from the old days as being “Free” with unlimited resources, it looks like YoYo heard the cry of the people and, with some small caveats, did what was asked of them.

I applaud YoYo for doing their best to keep this IDE open to people who may not have great income. Keep up the good work guys/gals!

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