Fort Bloks In-Depth Review

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Fort Bloks In-Depth Review

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I can certainly see why Fort Bloks won first place in the GMCJAM! This is one of the best JAM games I have played in a long time.

The art was fantastic, high-detail art. I can’t really tell if it’s amazing pixel art or amazing vector art, but no matter what it’s amazing art.. No shortcuts were taken here. Grade A art.

The sounds and music fit the game very well, though I did feel that the main game music was a bit too bright for the game. The game it self has a darker tone to it, the background is deep purple and you have monsters trying to destroy your cores! The sounds for everything else fit together nicely though.

Actual gameplay is pretty addictive. You always get a hefty sum of cash to help you design your next… ship, I guess? The game can get pretty ridiculous after the Autoshoot gun is unlocked. I had a lot of them on my ship, but not enough controllable guns, so I lost.

Too many Autoshoots!

You basically start each level by spending money on bloks to protect your core. These range from inanimate bloks to defensive and controllable bloks. You them get to control turrets and other bloks to defeat the bad guys who fly in from every direction trying to destroy your cores.

I loved this game, and would recommend it to anyone looking for something fun and exciting to play.


Hey guys, thanks for reading! I know I’ve been away for a really long time, but I am back! This is just the first of a ten part series of reviews from GMCJAM 15. I know these should have been done forever ago, but you’re getting them now! 😀

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