Indie Beacon – Defibrillator Edition! – September 11th of 2015

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Indie Beacon – Defibrillator Edition! – September 11th of 2015



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Yay revival!

So, this issue isn’t focusing on games and software. It’s more about upcoming events in the indie community.

1.GMC Demake Jam

Choose one of your favourite GMC JAM games, and demake it in the style of an old console or arcade game.

Time – September 12 th- 14th. (This Weekend!)


I’m bringing the WHAM back! Every 3 months, same month as the GMC JAMs. The new site is still under construction, but you can register to save your usernames. It will be used as free hosting of WHAM games.

The Wham is a week to prepare for the GMCJAM.  It’s running the week of October 5th this time around.

3. GMCJAM 20!?!?!(No topic yet! 🙁 )

The glorious GMCJAM is 5  years old soon! I don’t have any info on the next one, except the it’s next month! Probably the last full weekend of the month.

4.The 3D Jam by Xor (Discussion | GameJolt Jams Page)

Make 3D games with GameMaker! Show the world your skills in this Jam hosted by Xor of the GMC.

This is the first 3D Jam. It is a jam where GameMaker users get together to make 3D games that match the theme (Exponential) ~Xor

Comment below if you want me to add an event! And look forward to new Indies Beacons every other Friday!

#IndieBeacon @ihugdaleks on Twitter to send me exceptional software made in the indie community for review.

Or comment below with links to software you’d like to see in the next issue!

Thanks for reading, go get a cookie. I don’t have any, but you deserve one.

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