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Bonjour Encore

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Hello again! It’s time for more about me. Yey.

This time it’s on a subject many people may disagree with me on. Religion. So let’s jump right in!

First off, I am an Atheist. I do not believe in any deities. Nor Heaven and Hell. This does not mean I have no morals as so many theists claim. I can understand when something is not ideal, and therefore find it wrong or reprehensible.

Now, this issue was going to be about something else, but I recently came under fire by a family member for posting the following to Facebook:

A very close and religious relative of mine took this as an attack on their faith. As a personal attack on them, even!

They proceeded to insult, ridicule, and shun me. Called me names, and unfriended me on the social network.

The text of their reply:

So your sick of it. Really well let me give you a reality check. First of all the bible would call you a fool & secondly You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’tfoe God!!!! Youwouldn’t be in California if it wasn’t for God! EVERYTHING I PUT IN TO BRINGING YOU BOTH OUT HERE WAS BECAUSE GOD ASked me to! I put Everything I had into doing that BECAUSE GOD ASKED.ME TOO! & I DO MEAN EVERYTHING I HAD!!!! I had other plans for every penny I put into you both I would have bought a house instead. So your sick & tired of.what I have to say about God huh that’s fine with me FOOL I’M DONE.

This person is my parents age, upward of 50. And the second they see anything that could be remotely skewed as an attack on faith, they turned into the type of person they claim to protest.

Claiming to be all loving and kindhearted, and then turning around the second someone disagrees with you to bear your fangs? That does not seem very Christian to me.

I was very close to this person, spent almost every day of the past 7 months with them. I’ve even gone to church with them. And this is what they really think of me.

Well, normally I’d say I’m hurt. Sad even. But I don’t need this kind of person effecting my mood or my life.

I do not think my saying everyone has the right to their own beliefs was an attack on them or their religion, it certainly wasn’t meant in that way. If that is what they choose to believe though, fine. Au revoir.


If you sat through that depressing tale, please go fetch a cookie. Maybe 2 or 3 actually. You’ll have to get them though, I don’t have any. You absolutely deserve some though.

New Hello Again every Monday, so keep your eyes peeled. This week was a special double edition.