Hello Again!

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Hello Again!

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Hi! If you’re reading this here blog post, then you probably know me by my internet persona of Lukan Spellweaver. Programming wizard mediocaire!

Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but as I’m about to get into all this bloggin’ and what not, I thought you may want to get to know me, Lucas. The man behind the magic.

My name, as said above, is Lucas, Lucas Smith. I am a 21 year old game developer seated in my bedroom in the apartment me and my father have in California. (Yeah, still mooching of the parents…) I like Zelda, Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, and cold weather. I could stay inside all day and listen to music while reading, but I don’t often get to do that.

We (me and dad) Just recently (7 months ago) got moved out to California by my dad’s long lost cousin, Carol. She’s a sweetheart. Hadn’t seen dad in over 20 years, and dragged us across the country to be close to her and her brother, Steve. We were living in Florida! We drove almost 3000 miles just to move out here.

We are now closer to Carol than ever. We live in the apartment just across from her! Our balconies are like two yards away from each other. I talk to her out there a lot.

I have been interested in video games for most of my life. My earliest memories contain video games! A Taz game on the Genesis. Ugh, never could beat that game.

One day in my mid-teens, I decided to Google how to make games. I ended up starting something that would change my life, forever.

This thing I started was amazing. It has connected me to so many amazing people from all around the world! From Croatia to Australia! Canada to right here in California! So many people who have enriched and bettered my life. I have learned a lot from them, and they are amazing friends.

This thing, by the way, is the one major thing we all have in common. Making Games. Well, mostly. Some of them haven’t made any games in a while, they just stick around to chat with people.

This one simple thing I Googled when I was 15 has made me who I am today. I am the wizard who makes games.

If you sat through this horrid trek through my thoughts, go get a cookie for yourself. I don’t have any, but you deserve one.

Hello Agains will be posted every Monday on the Blog, they may show up in video form too.

Really, thanks for reading though. It means a lot. Stick around for more blogs, and perhaps a vlog or two!