Indie Beacon – Peanut Butter and GMCJAM#14 – 20th of May, 2014

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Indie Beacon – Peanut Butter and GMCJAM#14 – 20th of May, 2014

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It’s that time of the month again!(That sounded better in my head…)

The Indie Beacon is doing a special issue this month, the Peanut Butter and GMCJam is, obviously, a look at the winners of the GMCJAM!

This time around Blake, Detective Pixel, DiptoMan are the amazing top three! Everyone who entered is a winner though! I got 20th place out of 44…

Blake – Eidetic

Original Review:

 This is one of the best I have played so far! Not only is it beautiful to look at, it has good music, and the sounds fit perfectly. The memory mechanism is fantastic! You sir, may very well place in my top three!

Well it apparently placed in a lot of people’s top three! This game is very cleverly designed, with puzzles that are hard on the brain. Your character has the ability to store actions into a re-playable loop, then you can interact with the memory as long as it stays still. This makes for brilliant platforming! The graphics and music fit the game like a glove, I can see why this won 1st place!

Detective Pixel – Mind Therapy

Original Review:

A short game, but a very good one! I played it over at GameJolt before Alice Mode was introduced, but DP has since added it. It’s about a guy trapped in his mind, being tormented by bad memories of people making fun of his weight. At least, that’s what I got from it, I think the story is whatever you interpret it to be. I think it meets the Theme and Handicap. I’ll probably end up placing this in my top 3.

Again, my reviews are almost clairvoyant! I actually did end up voting this for third place, my Reviews were kind of all over the place… I’m glad DP got a top three, he always makes good games for the JAMs.

DiptoMan – John

Original Review:

This game is amazing. The art style, and subtle background music match the theme of the game perfectly. The flashes of memories are profound. It controls very well and very simply, which I like.

The above image describes my feelings toward this game… I feel bad for not voting for it at all…

This issue covers the top three, a secondary issue covering my favourites will be released within the next few days

As always, thank  you for reading!


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GameMaker: Studio %50 OFF SALE!

The wonderous people at YoYoGames have decided that GameMaker: Studio should be half off! 
The Pro version is only $37 if you upgrade your 8.1 license!
All of the export modules are half off, excludng the YoYoCompiler, which is still $299. 
You can find all the info about the sale at YoYoGames Website.
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Indie Beacon – News – May 15th, 2014

I just thought everyone who was waiting for issue five should know it is coming! I am only going to do one issue a month from now on.

This change in schedule of issues allows me to give you readers more quality per article than the two a month I was doing.

This months article is going to be about the GMCJAM winners and my top picks. I’m calling it the Peanut Butter and GMCJAM. You can expect it around a week after the results of the JAM voting comes in.


Thanks for reading, have a nice (INSERT TIME OF DAY HERE) !

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Indie Beacon – Issue 4 – 4/16/2014

Every other issue covers games I find on the internet by OTHER people, but this issue covers the games I found in my online storage service. I found the first game I ever made in GameMaker in there, apparently still hosted on my old website(shutdown to public).

Here are some screens, and downloads if you want any of these terrible games. Note: Some of them were edited last year to reduce the amount of sounds played for Windows 8, but they may still crash. They are also very amateurish, but they are my first games, mind you!

SpaceShoot 3000!


I read the tutorials like everyone else, but I was determined to make an actual game instead of a tutorial edit. I achieved my goal with SpaceShoot! It has 7 whole levels of meteor destroying madness! The later levels have flames to avoid, which break the laws of physics, but I was a kid. 😛

The SpaceShoot game was the first of a small series of games I made, all shooters. There was SeaShoot and StreetShoot, and all of the games had one sequel each. DeepSpaceShoot and DeepSeaShoot were longer, expansion like releases to the originals. StreetShoot 2 was a rather large change from the first, as it had many different enemies, but as it was all done in DnD it almost always silently fails in the second level.

The Yoshimi Games 1&2

Yoshimi one Screen

The first two Yoshimi games were rather lack-luster. I made them for my Sister, kind of as a joke because she likes the song “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt.1” by the Flaming Lips. I became a little obsessed with the song and made a game out of it. It is a basic open ended shooter, you choose a map and blast away at endless robots.

The first game has a selection of Pistol, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Grenades, as well as a Vitamin pickup to heal damage. All games in the series use RPG Maker VX graphics, but they are all made in GameMaker 8.1(up to IV anyway). They also use sound resources from RPG Maker VX.


The second game would introduce a new enemy and two new weapons. The enemy is called a “Destroyer”, they are giant pink robots that take many hits to kill. The weapons are a Battle Rifle(3-shot) and place-able mines. Yoshimi’s hair is also Blue instead of Pink, this is a bit of an homage to my Sister(she used to frequently dye her hair radical colors). Yoshimi’s hair colour has changed in every new game. This game has three entirely new maps, made using RMVX tilesets.

Yoshimi Series 3+


Yoshimi III was a bit different, it had two releases(my first game to get “patched”). I had originally programmed an extra mode into the game, but I couldn’t get it to work properly because it was made in DnD. When I did the Windows 8 optimisations last year I went in and fixed the “Eternity Mode” which places you in a random map and gives you an ammo cap for the first time in the series. New weapons include a Battle Axe, a Sniper Rifle, and a Grenade Bow with lock on targeting. The map limit was also increased to five, with one being a map from the first game. There is also a new type of enemy, called the Colossus, it takes 20 hits to kill and can cover an entire map with its size.

Yoshimi IV(last Original file based game)


This game was really feature packed, but it also suffered from my bad game making skills at the time. The file size is over four time the last game’s, because I had been building the new games ON the old game’s files. They were literally all the same game just with new stuff replacing old stuff. But this game had a lot of new stuff, including a new character! The Yoshimi IV feature list is as follows: Yoshimo(new character), XP points, money, upgradable powers, levels, an Air Strike weapon, a wider spread on Shotgun blasts, an ammo limit placed on all weapons,  a Rocket Launcher, and another new enemy! The new enemy is a blue spheroid robot that takes 3 hits to kill and it’s immune to explosives. This game didn’t take as well as I thought it would, most of the people who played it(my family and some GMC members) did not like the sudden switch to an ammo cap, or the giant file size.

Yoshimi Remastered(First GM:Studio game)



This wasn’t really meant for public release. I made it in Studio:free to see how much the software had changed. I was still a pretty bad and naive coder, but I had finally moved to GML instead of DnD! You’ll notice in the screenshot above that I had yet to master the art of layering tiles. There are three maps in this game: Farmland(somewhat of a staple in the series), Fort Roboto(pictured above), and Snowbound. The original three weapons are the only ones available, and they have real gun recordings for the sounds(terrible idea, btw). This game also implements a difficulty setting that ranges from Easy to the F-word(I thought it was cool to name a difficulty after the word it makes you say). The main menu is pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself. I branded the game as Yoshimi I “HD” because I used my PCs screen resolution(1366×768), making it unplayable to some.


Boken Thumb


Honestly, if you guys have been following me for any amount of time, you know what Boken is. It was my first attempt at a real game, that people would WANT to play. It was supposed to be an RPG, with an awesome overworld, tonnes of enemies, side-quests, and lot’s of options. It was even “finished” at one point, I revisted it to fix some bugs and ended up adding an entire area to the game, with a new shopping mechanic and loot drops. The last release was around November of last year I think. It started as a game called Super Computer Adventure, then I renamed it Rift. I changed it from Rift, because of the terrible MMO of the same name, to Boken, the Japanese word for Adventure(according to Google Translate…). The next release of Boken will be this year, and it looks something like the following screenshot at the time of me writing this:



I have not listed GMCJAM games I’ve made here, as they are going to be in next month’s Peanut Butter and GMCJAM! issue, following the  14th GMCJAM.

Links have not been provided for the listed games because I’m fixing some long known issues with the games. I will be updating this issue later with updated downloads for the games.


EDIT: You can grab all of the original Yoshimi games from the Downloads Center in the Yoshimi Collection.

Thank you guys so much for reading, it means the world to me. Someone said I should remove the Log-in requirement to comment, but all of the other GM based blogs seem to use this mechanic without any issues. So it will stay on, unless more people think it should go.

If you have any questions or comments, drop them below, and have a great day/evening!

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Indie Beacon – Issue 3 – 4/2/2014

It’s time for a new Indie Beacon! I was going to publish this on the first, but then realised no one would take it seriously… I am not a fan of April Fools day myself, but I understand why people enjoy it,

Now for the great indie stuff I found this time! I didn’t have as much time to scour the interwebs for goodies as usual because I have been working on my own stuff, so I could only get one good review in. I’ll make up for it next issue though!



This game is VERY DIFFICULT! Oh sure it’s just a lil’ platformer right? WRONG! I am, however, terrible at this game. I tried for a good 10 minutes to get past level 6… I did not succeed. I do really like this though, and may come back to try and get farther in someday. The art is my favourite style, good pixel art! Not sure why, but that really strikes a chord with me. The controls are perfect, and easy. It’s all arrow keys! The npcs are charming, and sometimes creepy(I think one asked for my Facebook password?), and the gloomy environment is held throughout(as far as I could play anyway.)

And as always, thank you for reading! It really means a lot to me. Any comments or questions? Comment below or shoot me a PM here or on the GMC.

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Indie Beacon – Issue 2 – 3/11/2014

It’s that time again! Indie Beacon issue two!

This issue is special because someone may win a free copy of GameMaker: Studio Standard! I had an extra key laying around, and figured someone may want to actually use it!

Now to the games!

Code Red Osmium

Code Red screenshot

This little gem popped up on the GMC a while ago, but I just found it before writing the issue. It’s Indie Beacon’s first HTML5 game, which means the link leads to the game! The controls are tight and simple, and the game is just well made. It has very nice menus and audio, and the graphics remind me of the good ol’ Vectrex. If you are looking for a great way to pass some time, this is the game for you!

Veditor Bleed

This is not a game, but if you use GameMaker it is a must! This hany little room editor is so much more accessible than GM’s default one. It can do a lot, so much so I can’t even begin to explain it! I’m going to link to the GMC post where I discovered this beauty so you can see for yourself. I’ve been playing around with it for a while, and still don’t think I’ve found all the cool enhancements it has! GMC POST

Particle Designer 2.5! Alert Games

Also, clearly not a game. Particle Designer has been helping GM users make fantastically beautiful particles for games for years! Now this is actually kind of old, but it deserves screen time darn it! I am not sure if this will work with Studio 100% of the time as some particle stuff was removed, but the latest release was last year so I’m guessing it works. I have used this in a couple projects and recommend it’s use if you’re bad with coding particles in GM!

Last, but not least!


This game is more of a short interactive novel. I believe the story is open for interpretation, but it made me smile and that’s enough for a Beacon review! I honestly smiled at every little thing in this two minute game. It was very charming with it’s subtle music and chiptune sounds. I love the over pixelated graphics, this is one of my favourite art styles! The controls are really simple, arrows. You have to play this to understand why I have featured it.

I hope you enjoyed this issue of the Indie Beacon, and I hope it showed you some new stuff! If you have anything to say about the article, good or bad, leave it in the comments below!

UPDATE!: teun28 is the lucky person who won the GM:Studio key!

Thanks for reading!

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Indie Beacon! – March – 2014

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So I have decided to actually get more into the Indie games my fellow developers make! This is going to be a by-monthly article showcasing games I find or that are submitted by developers. This is not really to review the games, but more to shine light on games that I think really deserve it.

This issue’s games were just lucky enough to be the top three games in the GMC’s Windows Completed Games forum!

Jumpinguin – Muhammad Fihril Kamal

This is a great game! You are a penguin on some slippery ice, more ice falls toward you with gaps in it.  You have to jump through the gaps to avoid getting squished! It’s a really simple concept, but it’s executed perfectly! The graphics are charming, and the game is really addictive.

Heart of Ruin – YAL

I have to admit, I didn’t play very far in to the story, but I enjoyed what I saw! The amazement starts with the art, the glorious pixel art! It’s well done, and fits the theme. The game itself has, what I assume is a rather heavy story, and well executed cutscenes. The sounds and music fit the game very well, and I will probably play it more later today!

Space Masters – Matthew Adamson

This game has potential, I played until I died. You are a space ship, armed with a laser to shoot asteroids. The mechanic is good on paper, but if the laser passes through an asteroid, it doesn’t get destroyed. It only destroys the ones you target directly. This is just a minor annoyance, I loved the game.


If you are the developer of one of these games and do not want this content here, contact me and I will resolve the issue.


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Review – Hedges – Sam Whillance

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Category : A+ , Reviews , Video Games

Hedges is a fantastic game! I first played it on Windows 8, but that option is no longer available.  It is, however, available on iOS and Android. I fell in love with this game within minutes of playing it!

The graphics are pixely and hilarious, and the gameplay is intense. You have to go into hedge mazes and find children, and then lead them to safety. The only thing that stands in your way are: hideous monsters, rivers, smashing death traps, and more.

The game is great fun to play, and the controls are tight. You can support the developer, Sam Whillance, by buying unlimited lives from within the game. That is the ONLY in-app-purchase, and it’s totally optional.

Downloads: iTunes | Play Store

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I installed WordPress on my website! This will make it easier to share development news with you guys!

I’ll be posting stuff here from time-to-time, I hope you like the content. It’s not just for game development, it’s a full on blog! So you will probably see all sorts of stuff here! 🙂