Game Design – Do graphics make the game?

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Game Design – Do graphics make the game?

As the title asks, does a game’s looks really matter that much?

If the game has great gameplay, but MS Paint graphics, does it deserve to burn?

My opinion? No, the graphics do not “make” the game, but that does not mean they can’t break it! If the graphics are consistent, meaning they hold the same style throughout the game, I believe that almost any style can be used with no ill consequence.

If, however, the game’s graphics are all ripped form the internet for a zillion different sources, and are all different art styles… Well, that’s just unpleasant to look at. That would break the game.

This type of Art-sourcing can tend to break the fouth wall in games too, as much of the content will probably be from other games!(or deviantART) That should always be avoided, unless done cleverly to interact with the user.

I would like for you guys to share your opinions, in a civil discussion, below. Rude, obscene, or hateful content will be removed. Cheers!