New domain and a few site changes!

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New domain and a few site changes!

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I was finally able to purchase my glorious domain name! Chances are you are now reading this at! With this new domain, a few changes are going to be happening to the site overall.

First, I will be making the home page more of a homepage instead of just a twitter feed. You may know that I tend to be better with xhtml and I’m not so skilled with html5, but I am learning!

Second, I’m going to make the games page, now at, look better. It’s hideous right now I know.

The third change is already in effect. You can log on to the blog with your WordPress account now, instead of making a new one just for the site!


There will be a few smaller changes made over time, but these seemed like the big ones. Thanks for reading and have a nice [insert time of day]!